New supervisors for ADIs

DVSA are creating a new team of dedicated Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) examiners, who’ll be conducting ADI qualifying tests and standards checks 5 days a week.

This they say will help improve test availability and as they will be based across the country and is a positive step which should better enable them to have the right examiners, with the right skills in the right places.

ADI examiners will:

  • provide feedback on performance following practical tests, standards checks and ORDIT inspections
  • share good practice in line with the National standards
  • support ADIs who have any questions or concerns about driver training
  • alert the Registrar’s team of non-compliance with regulations

This will provide ADIs with specialist day to day contact with staff from DVSA, help raise standards in driver training and support people through a lifetime of safe driving.

MSA general Manager John Lepine said

“Some of those ADIs who have been on the register for a while might recognise the concept of dedicated ADI Supervising Examiners. I very much applaud a return to a dedicated team of locally based ADI examiners. This will give both the ADIs and the examiners an opportunity to get to know each other and hopefully improve the standards in each area. MSA GB have always been keen on the concept of local examiners for local ADIs.”