Improving motorcycle training: consultation results

Improving motorcycle training: consultation results

Last year DVSA held a consultation on proposals to improve the way that motorcycle training works in Great Britain.

Mark Winn, Head of Rider and Vocational Policy at the DVSA, explains how the proposals will work and how we'll be progressing them in the new year. You can read his blog here.

The main points covered are:

  • Update the qualification process for motorcycle instructors
  • Update the content and structure of the CBT syllabus
  • Strengthen the quality assurance scheme for motorcycle instructors
  • Introduce a licence upgrade training course
  • Restrict learner riders to automatic motorcycles if used for CBT 
  • Revoking CBT certificates 
  • A digital platform for the CBT administrative process 
  • Theory test before or as part of CBT
  • Earned recognition for ATBs and instructors

Details of the MSA GB response to the consultation are here.

Download the full outcome - Improving moped and motorcycle training: response to consultation

(Picture: Motorcyclist taking CBT - DVSA Crown copyright.)