MSA GB statement concerning the DVSA steps to protect learner drivers

MSA GB statement concerning the DVSA steps to protect learner drivers

MSA GB does not seek to defend the actions of a tiny number of ADIs who behave badly towards their pupils.

However, the crass and badly thought out press release from the DVSA on this subject has done nothing to enhance the reputation of our profession.

The DVSA have adopted what appears to be something of a knee jerk reaction to the question asked at prime minister’s question time by Richard Graham, the conservative MP for Gloucester, who suggested that if it is a criminal offence for those such as teachers who are in a position of trust to have sexual relationships with young people under 18, then driving instructors should be covered by the same rules as teachers?

It appears that acting on this, the DVSA have decided to re-write the rule book without any consultation with stakeholders. It also appears that DVSA have decided to completely ignore the agreed ADI Code of Practice (ADI CoP) and instead of advising learners and other driving school clients, as directed by the ADI CoP,  that "complaints by clients should be made in the first instance to the driving instructor, driving school or contractor following the training provider’s complaints procedure.”

Their press release states “Learners should also report any contractual issues they have with their instructor to DVSA, such as: lessons that are shorter than agreed, the instructor arriving late, the instructor cancelling lessons, failing to provide pre-paid lessons.

This is clearly nonsense, ADI cancels a lesson – car breaks down – instructor ill, pupil should ring the DVSA. Is that common sense we think not.

MSA GB advises all members to sign up to the ADI CoP and to use sensible Terms of Business, an MSA GB draft of Terms of Business is available for members to download in the members section on