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Using the MSA Logo

Full members of the MSA are entitled to promote their membership of the association on business stationary, letterheads, cards etc. and in advertising using the specially designed "MSA Member Logos". However, there are strict guidelines governing how these logos may appear.

"MSA Member Logos"

  1. The "MSA Member Logo", as set out at section 4 below, is the only form of the MSA logo that members may use without written permission from The MSA Board of Management. Instances where this is likely to be granted might be; pluralisation of the logo where a number of members work together, or the design of an MSA Branch device.
  2. When reproducing the "MSA Member Logo" they must be reproduced in full. There must be no separation of any wording from the device.
  3. In general the logo shown at 4. should be used. However, it must not be used at a size smaller than 40mm (1.6 inches) across.
  4. The "MSA Member Logo" may only be reproduced in black on a white, or pale background, as below if in doubt, send a sample of the background to MSA Head Office.
  5. The "MSA Member Logo" may also be used in colour, either style, using these pantone references:

 To use the "MSA Member Logos" if not a fully paid up member of the MSA is an offence under the Trade Descriptions Act. Misuse will be reported to local Trading Standards Officers.

For a FULL QUALITY PRINT READY version of the coloured Member Logo please CLICK HERE Print ready files are large due to the high resolution required for print so please be aware that the file download may take a little time to complete.

To download and save one of the logos below for digital use (non print), Right Click on the required image and select Save Picture As .........



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