Driving Instructors; Nottingham Trent University need you

Driving Instructors; Nottingham Trent University need you

The Transport Research in Psychology Group (TRiP), based at, Nottingham Trent University are looking for driving instructors to help with a research study. They are developing a simple online hazard perception rating system, and need your help to validate it.

The study

  • Time required: 60-75 minutes
  • Payment: £30 (in Amazon vouchers)
  • Pre-requisites: You are a qualified driving instructor; able to travel to our laboratory on the NTU city campus based in Nottingham
  • Details: You will be presented with 40 pictures taken from video-based hazard perception clips, and be asked to indicate the most dangerous location in the scene, and give it a danger rating from 1-100. You will also get to watch 20 short video-based hazard perception clips while your eye movements are recorded.

To register your interest or if you have any queries please email Editha.vanloon@ntu.ac.uk

Find out more about: Transport Research in Psychology (TRiP)