5 things to do ahead of our campaign launch

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5 things to do ahead of our campaign launch

DVSA will soon be launching its campaign to help improve learners’ understanding of what it means to be test ready and how they can assess their readiness. As part of the campaign, we will be relaunching our Instagram channel to offer easy access to advice and guidance for learners. 

1. Encourage your pupil to follow our Instagram account
We would be grateful if you could promote this to your pupils. You can find us on @DVSAgovuk. 

2. Text messages reminder service launched   
On 1 July, we launched our text message reminder service to help reduce the number of wasted tests.   
Make sure you or pupils include their mobile phone number when booking their test so that they receive the text message reminder.   
Your pupils can also add their mobile phone number to their test booking via change your driving test service on GOV.UK.  
3. Mindfulness techniques for ADIs
We published a blog post about how you can use mindfulness techniques to help your pupils manage their nerves when preparing for and taking their driving test.    For tips on how you can help your pupils control their nerves read the blog post.
4. Mock test guidance    
We published guidance to help you make mock driving tests more realistic. This will help you to better assess your pupils test readiness.  Over 1900 of you signed up to our mock test webinars and the feedback from those who attended was positive. We know you are busy and really appreciate you taking the time to attend these webinars.   
We hope the extra help and advice will help you to make your mock tests more realistic. We’re always open to feedback and we would love to hear how you’re using this guidance in your lessons.  
5. Making every test count  
Since April 2022, over 3000 tests were wasted as learners who attended their driving test forgot to bring their provisional licence, arrived late or did not turn up in a suitable car.    
Please remind your pupils that bringing the correct documents are mandatory and remind them about the rules about using their own car for their test. All the information can be found on GOV.UK.   

We’ve increased number of driving tests   
As you know, we have already put in place many measures to increase the number of test appointments including:   
·         leave buy back for examiners  
·         overtime, weekend and public holiday testing 
·         additional tests carried out by those who do not normally conduct tests as part of their day job   ·         tests conducted by recently retired examiners  
·         tests conducted by recently recruited examiners   

Since April 2022, we’ve carried out over 380,000 tests as a result of these measures.  


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