Recorded here are past leaders of the association, and winners of the association's awards and honours. It is a celebration of the many people who have given up their time to support the work of MSA GB and of driver training in this country. We hope it will be an inspiration to all.

The Motor Schools Association was founded at a meeting on the south coast of England in March 1935, the same year that the driving test started.

Democratic from the outset the members elected a governing council who elected a President, this system remained intact, apart from the period of the Second World War, until the mid-fifties when it was decided that the organisation should become a company limited by guarantee.

In preparation for this, the association in 1957 extended its title to include "of Great Britain" and adapted its council to be a board of management.

A year later in 1958 the association became a company limited by guarantee, registered in London number 615026, the board of the association is elected by the members and the board elects their chairman each year.

Presidents of the Council of The Motor Schools Association

  1935 - 1939 J. Woodhouse-Oakley
  1939 - 1946 activities suspended due to hostilities
  1946 - 1955 Col. Harold Atherton OBE
  1955 - 1957 Colin Tetlock

Chairman of the Board of The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain

  1957 - 1958 Harry Sands

Chairmen of the Board of The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain Ltd

  1958 - 1960 Stephen Pearce
  1960 - 1962 Alan Clare
  1963 - 1967 Frank Spencer-Tucker
  1967 - 1973 Capt. Gregory Melville
  1973 - 1975 Ken Leigh
  1975 - 1978 Bob Matthews
  1978 - 1980 Bernard Rogers
  1980 - 1982 Cliff Westaby
  1982 - 1989 Betty Blair
  1989 - 1995 Ron Feltham
  1995 - Peter Harvey MBE

Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is granted by the Board, at their sole discretion, to any person whom the Board considers has made an exceptional contribution to the development of the Association, or who the Board considers is otherwise deserving of this class of membership.

  1985 Pat Murphy MBE
  1985 Connie Murphy
  1992 Pip Pilcher
  1992 David Dunlop Kidd
  1992 Bob Matthews
  1994 Gerry Regan
  1994 Bob Williams
  1995 Betty Blair
  1998 Hywel Kirkhouse
  1998 Ron Feltham
  2002 James Fegan
  2006 David Rogers
  2008 John Myers
  2008 Terry Charnock
  2009 Carol Lepine
  2014 John Lomas
  2017 Roy Appleby
2018 Karl Satloka
2019 Rod Came
2019 John Lepine MBE
2020 Colin Lilly
2020 Rod Tipple
2020 Robert Baker
2020 Steven Sentence

Members of the Year

The member of the year trophy was presented to the association in 1983 by Neil Peek, at that time chairman of Eastern, in memory of his late father John William Peek.

  1983 Richard Woolnough Eastern
  1984 Matt Blair Scotland
  1985 Pip Pilcher South East
  1986 John Palmer Greater London
  1987 Jon Gross West Midlands
  1988 Fiona Hutchinson Scotland
  1989 David Dunlop Kidd North West
  1990 Doug Ollerenshawe Greater London
  1991 Terry Charnock North West
  1992 Jim Fegan Scotland
  1993 Brenda Ross Greater London
  1994 Roy Norman Eastern
  1995 Paddy Irving North East
  1996 Linda Harrington South Wales
  1997 Tricia Owen West Midlands
  1998 Neil & Christine Peek Eastern
  1999 Terry Cummins South East
  2000 Peggy Hutchings Western
  2001 Clive & Muriel Snook Western
  2002 Roy Appleby North East
  2003 John Gough Western
  2004 Ron Feltham Greater London
  2005 Alan Edwards South East
  2006 Lew Lambert Eastern
  2007 Denise Simpson North East
  2008 Tom Kwok Greater London
  2009 Doug Andrews Eastern
  2010 Ian Scoular Scotland
  2011 Alex Brownlee Greater London
  2012 Mike Longbottom North West
  2013 Cos Antoniou Greater London
  2014 Bob Butterworth North East
  2015 David Pepperdine East Midlands
  2016 Arthur Mynott Western
  2017 Ralph Walton West Midlands
2018 Cheryl Andrews Greater London
2019 Terry Pearce West Midlands
2020 Janet Stewart Greater London


In 1985, the year of the association's Golden Jubilee, a donation was made to the association in memory of a past chairman and the Harry Sands Memorial trophy was created. Denis Phillips (South East) won the trophy three times 1988, 1999 and 2001 (posthumously) and it was decided to retire the trophy and present it to his wife Margaret. Imprint Publishing Ltd latterly Excel Publishing Ltd. commissioned a new Editor of the Year Trophy named the Denis Phillips Memorial Trophy which was used from 2002 to 2011. The contract with our publisher having expired it was decided to retire the Denis Phillips Memorial Trophy. Chamber Media Services commissioned a new Editor of the Year Trophy for 2012 and it was dedicated to Jon Gross a past chairman of West Midlands and the association's development manager in the nineteen nineties.

  1985 John Lepine North West
  1986 Bob Matthews Scotland
  1987 Phil Whitehead Eastern
  1988 Denis Phillips South East
  1989 Norman Gregg Greater London
  1990 Mike Collins West Midlands
  1991 Eric Verity Greater London
  1992 Peter Pritchet Western
  1993 Stewart Izart Scotland
  1994 John Lomas North West
  1995 Dennis Griffin West Midlands
  1996 Jill Callaghan Eastern
  1997 Jill Callaghan Eastern
  1998 John Lomas North West
  1999 Denis Phillips South East
  2000 Lionel Jordon Greater London
  2001 Denis Phillips South East
  2002 David Pepperdine East Midlands
  2003 Colin Lilly Western
  2004 Rod Came South East
  2005 Mark Harford Scotland
  2006 Terry Pearce West Midlands
  2007 Alex Brownlee Greater London
  2008 Mike Bassett South East
  2009 Tony Phillips Greater London
  2010 Tony Phillips Greater London
  2011 Phil Jones & Mike Yeomans North East
  2012 Colin Lilly Western
  2013 John Lomas North West
  2014 Rod Came South East
  2015 Terry Pearce West Midlands
  2016 Rod Came South East
  2017 David Pepperdine East Midlands
2018 John Lomas North West
2018 John Lomas North West
2019 Alex Brownlee Greater London
2020 Karen MacLeod Scotland

Recruitment Winners

A salver was presented by North West to be awarded to the region with the best membership growth/retention over the past year. In 2011 the Salver was retired. The Ronald T Feltham Memorial Cup was donated by MSA Greater London, in memory of their former regional and a former national chairman.

  1984 North West
  1985 North West
  1986 North East
  1987 West Midlands
  1988 West Midlands
  1989 Eastern
  1990 East Midlands
  1991 Western
  1992 Greater London
  1993 Scotland
  1994 North East
  1995 Scotland
  1996 Eastern
  1997 Western
  1998 South Wales
  1999 South East
  2000 South Wales
  2001 North East
  2002 East Midlands
  2003 South Wales
  2004 Greater London
  2005 East Midlands
  2006 South East
  2007 Scotland
  2008 Scotland
  2009 Western
  2010 South Wales
  2011 East Midlands
  2012 Scotland
  2013 Scotland
  2014 Greater London
  2015 Eastern
  2016 North East
  2017 South East
2018 Scotland
2019 East Midlands
2020 Scotland

Recruitment Runners up

In 1988 the West Midlands donated a cup to be presented to the region finishing second in the membership growth/retention table. In 2006 that cup was retired. The new cup was dedicated to the memory of Carol Lepine's dad the John William Parker Memorial Cup.

  1988 South Wales
  1989 Western
  1990 North East
  1991 South Wales
  1992 Scotland
  1993 North East
  1994 South Wales
  1995 Western
  1996 South Wales
  1997 Eastern
  1998 Western
  1999 Western
  2000 Western
  2001 North West
  2002 South East
  2003 East Midlands
  2004 Eastern
  2005 Scotland
  2006 West Midlands
  2007 West Midlands
  2008 North West
  2009 Eastern
  2010 West Midlands
  2011 North East
  2012 Eastern
  2013 Western
  2014 South Wales
  2015 Greater London
  2016 Scotland
  2017 East Midlands
2018 Western
2019 West Midlands
2020 Greater London

Most New Members in a Region

In 2016 it was decided to award a trophy to the region that recruited the most new members and the Ian Scoular Memorial Shield for most new members in a region was introduced.

  2016 Scotland
  2017 North West
2018 Scotland
2019 Scotland & South East
2020 Scotland

Conference/AGM Venues

We believe the association has been holding conferences since the nineteen forties, unfortunately the records we have only go back to 1981.

  1981 London
  1982 Lytham St Annes
  1983 Norwich
  1984 Peebles
  1985 Coventry
  1986 Scarborough
  1987 Cardiff
  1988 Edinburgh
  1989 Lytham St Anne
  1990 Leicester
  1991 Hastings
  1992 Milton Keynes
  1993 Stockport
  1994 Coventry
  1995 Runcorn
  1996 Erskine Bridge
  1997 Coventry
  1998 Runcorn
  1999 Runcorn
  2000 Peterborough
  2001 Manchester
  2002 Manchester
  2003 Stoke on Trent
  2004 Nottingham
  2005 Bolton
  2006 Middlesbrough
  2007 London
  2008 Hinckley
  2009 Daventry
  2010 Solihull
  2011 Doncaster
  2012 Nottingham
  2013 Hellidon
  2014 Bristol
  2015 East Midlands
  2016 Wakefield
  2017 Telford
2018 Crewe
2019 Nottingham

Special Awards

Platinum Anniversary Awards: In 2005 a series of people who had made an outstanding contribution to the driver training industry were recognised.

John Milne MBE
In recognition of outstanding service to the driver training industry and in particular his contribution to driving instructor training through the Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council.

Margaret Stacey
In recognition of outstanding service to the driver training industry and in particular her contribution through membership of the ADITE & ORDIT management committees.

Barbara Rogers
In recognition of outstanding service to the driver training industry and in particular her contribution as chairman of the Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council.

Bernard Rogers
In recognition of outstanding service to the driver training industry and in particular his contribution as secretary of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving.

Robin Cummins OBE
In recognition of his ten years of service as the Driving Standards Agency Chief Driving Examiner of Great Britain.

Long Service Awards

In 2011 special awards were made to three of the MSA's regional editors.

  Terry Pearce West Midlands
  John Lomas North West
  Colin Lilly Western

Registrars of Approved Driving Instructors

The association was hugely instrumental in bringing about the introduction of the Register of Approved Driving Instuctors and have been fortunate to have had an excellent and productive relationship with all the ADI Registrars.

  1968 - 1978   Bob Martin
  1978 - 1979   Bill Skipworth
  1979 - 1985   Norman Martin
  1985 - 1996   Brian Austin
  1996 - 1997   David Houghton
  1997 * Brian Broadhurst
  1997 - 2002   Mike Ambrose
  2002 * Ian Taylor
  2002 - 2006   Bob Jarvis
  2006 - 2012   Charles Morton
  2012 - 2017   Mark Magee
2017 Jacqui Turland
    * Temporary post holders