Casting for a new Channel 5 programme on Young Drivers

AGB Films has been commissioned by C5 to make a light-hearted but informative prime time documentary following young drivers as they receive some lessons from mum and dad on top of their official lessons. Whilst the lessons are a key part of the programme, it is also literally a vehicle for us to gain fascinating insight into this pivotal moment in a young adult’s and their family’s lives.

We are looking for lively and charismatic young learners (17-22) and their families from across the UK and from all backgrounds/abilities. We want the cast of families to be representative and therefore we are especially keen to get applications from BAME communities and young learners with disabilities and special needs requirements as well as families who have twins or multiples.  Ideally, we want a mix of learning stages – so those who have not driven at all yet (so booked on for their first lesson) through to those who are a bit more experienced and possibly a bit closer to their first test or maybe 2nd/3rd or beyond. 

If you – or anyone you know – may be interested please contact Caroline and Adam at 



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