Driving tests in Scotland: helping your pupils pass their driving test first time

Dear Colleagues,
Please see below the latest update from the DVSA;

Driving tests in Scotland: helping your pupils pass their driving test first time

Driving lessons can resume in Scotland on 26 April, with tests restarting on 6 May.
We know this will be a busy time for you, and that some of your pupils will have tests coming up soon.
We want your pupils who are prepared to drive safely on their own to do so as soon as possible. We are asking for your support to make every test count.

Driving lessons and tests have restarted in England and Wales.

The top 10 reasons people fail the driving test

We’ve published the top 10 reasons for failing the driving test to help learners in Scotland understand the common faults and knowledge and skills they need to work on to pass first time.
This includes tips for learners to improve their driving to avoid these mistakes.
We’re also encouraging learners to practise driving on a variety of roads and in different conditions, so they are better prepared for their test.
read more here
How you can help
Focussing refresher lessons for those with tests from 6 May onwards on these 10 areas could make the difference between a pass or a fail.
We know many of you will be chatting with your pupils with tests booked in the coming weeks to check they feel confident enough to pass their test.
If they don’t feel ready, they can reschedule to a later date for free and get more time to practise so they pass on their first attempt.

Rescheduling a test
Pupils who do not feel ready to pass first time can reschedule their test for free at www.gov.uk/change-driving-test
Pupils who are fully prepared for a test can also use this service to find an earlier test date.
We add extra tests to our booking service regularly and recommend pupils check availability at all local test centres if their nearest centre is fully booked. Learners who have practised on a variety of roads should be able to take a test anywhere and pass first time.

Keep a record of your pupil’s driving lessons
You can use our free form (sometimes called the driver’s record) to track your pupils’ progress as they learn to drive.
The records allow you to:
• easily check what your pupils need to know by grouping together key skills
• include new stages of learning so your pupils can reflect on their lessons
You can download it from GOV.UK
Your pupils can also record any extra practice they do using the free form at www.gov.uk/dvsa/record-private-driving-practice. They can then talk to you about their experience in their next lesson.

Make it count
There is no way to change the outcome of a driving test and we want everyone to pass first time.
We understand some of your pupils may wish to make a complaint about their test or appeal their test results.
We’ve published new guidance about what a candidate needs to do if they want to appeal the result of their driving test. You can find out more at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/appeal-your-driving-test.
Helping your pupils who fail
We know failing a driving test is extremely disappointing and your pupils will feel frustrated if they fail and have to wait longer for another test.
To help pupils who fail their test, we have updated the guidance which explains the driving test report on GOV.UK.
You can use this with your pupils to better understand the results of their test, and get the information you need to help them better prepare for their next test.

Thank you,
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

Yours sincerely

Peter J Harvey MBE
National Chairman


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