DVSA have released the results of their recent ADI survey

ADI Demand Survey and what you told us

In June 2021 DVSA ran the first approved driving instructor (ADI) Demand Survey. This was to hear from you about the challenges faced by you and your pupils as a result of the pandemic, and the effect on demands for lesson. 

We ran the survey again in January this year so that we could compare the results and see how the situation has changed. This survey also included questions relating to some of the proposals in our consultation on measures to improve availability of driving tests. 

The results of the demand survey are now available on GOV.UK

The main findings

  • Fully operational ADIs currently have on average 21.5 learners, a decrease from last year when it was 24.5
  • More than half of fully operational ADIs (55.4%) are currently training the same number of students as pre-COVID
  • Partially operational ADIs (operating at reduced hours) currently have on average 12.0 leaners A decrease from last year when it was 13.8
  • The majority of partially operational ADIs (61.9%) are currently training fewer learners than pre-COVID.
  • The majority of ADIs (72.1%) currently have a waiting list but the amount of learners waiting has decreased compared to 2021.

Moving forward

The information you have provided in both surveys have been extremely helpful for understanding the changes in demand for your driving lessons and is helping us with our plans to reduce driving test waiting times.

We plan to run this survey every 6 months and the next one will be out in the next few weeks. 

Thank you for taking part in the ADI Demand Surveys, we appreciate how busy you are.


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