DVSA Update: Ending driving tests early in Scotland

Update on ending driving tests early in Scotland

DVSA is ending its COVID-19 policy to finish driving tests early when a candidate fails their test in Scotland from Monday 14 March.

The policy was introduced at the start of the pandemic to reduce the amount of close contact between an examiner and your pupils during a driving test.

Following this change, tests can continue if your pupil has committed a serious or dangerous fault to give them the full-test experience.

Driving tests will only finish early if the driving examiner assesses that your pupil’s driving is so poor it compromises their safety or that of other road users.

This is in line with the policy before the pandemic.   

Lifting other restrictions in Scotland

The Scottish Government has announced its intention to lift further COVID-19 legal restrictions and requirements from 21 March, subject to the state of the pandemic.

DVSA will continue to work with the Scottish Government on how this will affect driving and theory tests in Scotland.

We will keep you updated.


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