DVSA Update: Theory test non-standard accommodation requests

DVSA Update: Theory test non-standard accommodation requests

Since the reopening of tests and the launch of a new theory test service, DVSA has received an unprecedented number of enquiries. This means it has taken longer to reply to some of them. However, we remain committed to providing a good service for all of our customers.

Theory test non-standard accommodation (NSA) requests

Since we launched the new theory test service in September, we have seen an unprecedented number of enquiries for NSA test bookings. We also received a number of outstanding NSA requests from the previous theory test service operator.

We expect some of these will be multiple requests from the same candidate.

Contacting candidates

We will email candidates to ask them for any additional evidence we need to progress their request and to work with them to book a test appointment that fits their requirements.

This will be done in batches, starting with those who have been waiting the longest. This approach allows our customer service centre (CSC) to find tests for these candidates before contacting and working through the next batch of requests.

You and your pupils should only contact the CSC about your outstanding request if you have received an email from them asking you to do so.

CSC staff are working overtime, and additional staff have been brought in to deal with requests and contact those waiting for a response as quickly as possible.

Offering a test date is dependent on obtaining the relevant medical or educational information from the candidate and availability at the test centre. We will work with our test centre suppliers to ensure that we can book them in as soon as we can.


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