Latest information on who would be a critical worker

Please see below the latest information on who would be a critical worker from the DVSA.

Book an emergency test if you’re a critical worker
You can still get an emergency test during the suspension period if your work is critical to the COVID-19 response, or you work in a critical sector. These include:
• health and social care
• education and childcare
• key public services
• local and national government
• food and other necessary goods
• public safety and national security
• transport
• utilities, communication and financial services
Book an emergency theory test
Email DVSA to ask for an emergency theory test. DVSA will then tell you what you need to send to prove that it’s essential your theory test goes ahead.
Emergency theory tests
Book an emergency driving test
Email DVSA to ask for an emergency driving test.
You must send a photo or a scanned image of a valid ID such as your work ID badge.
If you do not have an ID badge you can send:
• an email from a work email address
• evidence from your employer, such as an email or scanned document including company letterhead
• a scan of your payslip
This is not an exhaustive list and evidence will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
You also need to tell us:
• your telephone number
• your preferred test location
• the type of test you would like to take (car, car and trailer, motorcycle, lorry, bus or coach)
• your driving licence number
• the driving test reference number (if you have one)
• your theory test certificate number
If you meet the critical worker criteria, DVSA will contact you with a test date.


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