Making the complaints process simpler, quicker and clearer

From today (Monday 6 January) we’re changing way we handle complaints – making the process simpler, quicker and clearer for our customers. This is part of the process to modernise and improve our services for customers.

What’s changing?

The biggest change will be to simplify and speed up the way we handle complaints by removing a stage of the process.

We currently have a 3-stage process. That means if a customer isn’t happy with our first response to their complaint, we’ll try a second, and up to a third time to resolve it.

From today, we’re moving to a 2-stage process. This will mean we resolve customer complaints faster. It also brings us in line with other government departments. Customers who aren’t happy after stage 2 will still be able to ask one of our independent complaints assessors to look at their complaint.

We’ve also updated our complaints procedure on GOV.UK so our customers and people we regulate know where to send their complaints about our services.

We’ll continue to train staff to help avoid complaints in the first place – supporting those in public-facing roles to improve the customer service we provide.

What happens if we don’t resolve your complaint at the first stage?

The changes will only apply to complaints we receive on or after 6 January 2020

If you already have a complaint in the system on 6 January 2020, it can still go through 3 stages if you want it to. But if you aren’t happy after the second stage, we’ll ask you what you want to do next. You’ll be able to go to the old third stage, or straight to the independent complaints assessor.


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