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MSA GB Articles of Association

These are the written rules about running the association in accordance to the Companies Act 2006 and govern how The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain Limited (MSA GB), which is a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, is administered. Articles of Association PDF

MSA GB Bylaws

These set out how the association regulates itself, it includes information regarding categories of membership, conditions of membership, General Meetings, Meetings of Regions and boundaries of areas covered by each of the nations and regions. Bylaws PDF

MSA GB Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy

All MSA members have the above insurance cover included in their membership of the MSA. Full details of the cover is contained in this letter and members can download it or print it off to evidence their cover.

MSA GB Insurance July 21 - June 22

MSA GB Terms of Business

This pdf contains the Terms of Business for use by MSA GB members. These terms of business are approved by the Motor Schools Association of Great Britain. Please note, other than adding your Name, Insurance details & Tariff, you should not alter the wording in these terms. Terms of Business PDF

Using the MSA GB Logo

Full members of the MSA are entitled to promote their membership of the association on business stationary, letterheads, cards etc. and in advertising using the specially designed "MSA Member Logos". However, there are strict guidelines governing how these logos may appear. Click here to read the guidelines

ADI Code of Practice

This is the updated version of the Approved Driving Instructors Code of Practice which was agreed by NASP and the DVSA in January 2017. You may not alter or change any of its wordings. ADI Code of Practice

In-Car Communications Guidelines

Since the doubling of penalty points for the use of hand-held mobile phones, all ADI trade associations have received requests for advice on the best way to use such devices and tablets. This information sheet is published by NASP.  In-car Comms PDF

Motor Insurance - Frequesntly Asked Questions

Information and FAQs about motor insurance for instructors

Motor Insurance FAQs 2021

Motorway Tuition Guidelines

Learners need to understand how motorways work and that they are the safest of our roads as only 4% of crashes happen on motorways and account for just 5% of all fatalities. When they do occur however, they tend to be serious because of the speeds involved. Motorway Tuition Guidelines PDF


This link will take you to the GOV.UK page where you can download the DL25 Driving test report, the DL25 Driving test report explained and the DL25 MSC Riding test report. Click here to visit the Driving test marking sheet page

CPD - Continual Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is voluntary training you can take to keep your skills up to date - you decide how you do it and pay any costs involved. For more details and courses click here Professional development2021

This link will take you to the GOV.UK page about ADI professional development. You can download a template to record your CPD

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