MSA GB Response to the DVSA

In an effort to keep you informed in these uncertain times, with all the rumours going around, I have sent an email today to a senior DVSA representative to try and get some clarity, the basis of the email detailed below is around the lack of official timely information being sent out. We have almost every driving examiner around the country telling ADIs everything from, there would be no tests for the next two days, to there will be no tests for 12 weeks.

Quoted from email:

I am sorry, that is just not good enough, we have had a little more notice last night (about 20mins) of the suspension of theory tests, however we still don’t know what to tell our members about the driving test, all of this makes it really difficult to keep members informed and consequently your call centres are no doubt fending of the same questions.

Here we are two days later and still no information as to what to tell our members as far as practical testing is concerned, there are Saturday tests booked all over the country and at this moment, instructors are thinking they have to attend, whether they feel they should comply with the self-isolation advise or not, that is simple not good customer service and totally unfair. Maybe it is time we had a statement of how the future lies from your Chief Executive, who seems to have been very quiet during these uncertain times.

I hope you can put measures in place to help us work better together in getting the required messages out to ADIs, we in our respective associations work very hard to persuade ADIs that some of the new measures DVSA suggest can work for them and will actually help better their performance, it seems to me DVSA are not always playing their part in this two way partnership.

Kind regards

We in MSA GB and indeed our co-partners in NASP will endeavour to keep you updates as and when we receive updated from the DVSA, we also expect some news from the chancellor later today to better help small businesses, meanwhile please stay safe and healthy.



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