NASP survey on the use of ADI performance data

Earlier in March we asked members for their views on the use of test data as a performance metric used in
helping determine which trainers should be prioritised for Standards Checks. The key take-aways from this
survey were as follows:
• The majority of respondents were aware performance data is used by DVSA, and state they understand how
it is used, but still a substantial percentage of trainers do not fully understand how data is used
• Similarly with trigger points, whilst over 50% were aware and understood of the trigger points, more than a
third of respondents did not fully understand how trigger points were used
• Whilst over half of respondents were aware they could access their performance data, there was still a large
percentage who do not know how to do so
• A major concern of those accessing their test data was that it was inaccurate
• The majority of respondents felt DVSA should send trainers their data to check and reflect on at regular
intervals, rather than relying on trainers to request it
• There was not a high number of respondents to this survey who had been prioritised for a Standards Check as
yet and, of those who had, many had not received an engagement call. Of the small number who had
received an engagement call, over 60% said they did not find it helpful
• In terms of how those surveyed felt about DVSA using test data to assess individual performance over half
understood the rationale but had concerns about the accuracy of data used, over a third of respondents did
not think it was acceptable at all.
• In terms of a view on the regulator mandating the display of badges on test the majority of respondents had
no issue with that
• When asked whether they would be happy with DVSA publishing performance data (to help the public make
more informed choices) the majority of respondents were not in favour.
Next Steps
NASP have fed the survey data into DVSA and have made some key recommendations including:
• Improving communications to trainers on how data is used, how to access performance data, how to report
issues with data etc
• Data reports should be sent at regular intervals to trainers to help them reflect on performance and pinpoint
any issues
• A bigger focus on improving accuracy of data
• Developing an understanding why some ADIs are not finding the engagement calls useful
• Consulting more closely with the industry on how and what performance data is used and published – now
and in the future
• A meeting is being scheduled to discuss all of the above with DVSA



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