Test Centre Closures

DVSA have announced today the closure of 8 driving test centres around the country, there has been no consultation with MSA GB or NASP about these closures, the date for closure for most is the 10th  of April, the examiners and candidates have/will be notified of where the new test will be conducted. The list below will show the closures and the next nearest centre:

Closing siteNext nearest centre(s), distance from closing centre
CroydonMitcham (0.9 miles away, 5 mins travel)
Southampton Forest HillsSouthampton Maybush (5 miles, 19 mins away)
South ShieldsSunderland (5.6miles away, 15 mins)
Hyde (Manchester)Bredbury (3.7 miles, 12 mins away) and/or Chadderton (9.5 miles, 25 mins away)
WhitchurchWrexham (16.6 miles, 32 mins travel), Shrewsbury (17.4 miles, 26 mins), Crewe (14 miles, 28 mins)
ElswickGateshead (4 miles, 15 mins away) and Gosforth GVTS (8.8 miles and 23 mins away)
AshfordChertsey (6 miles and 20 minutes away) and Isleworth (8 miles and 25 minutes away)
Newbury GVTSGreenham (5 miles, 20 mins away) 


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