Ready To Pass?

  Ready to Pass? Today we launched ‘Ready to Pass?’, a campaign which aims to increase the pass rate for the driving test and bring waiting times down. DVSA’s research also shows:
·         1 in 10 people say the main reason they failed their test was because they were too nervous 
·         1 in 5 people say the main reason they failed their test was because they made a silly mistake  ·         1 in 5 people incorrectly thought they had failed because they were marked too harshly – showing they do not understand the standard that’s required to pass    

‘Ready to Pass?’ provides advice on: 
·         finding an approved driving instructor  
·         how to monitor and check progress of your driving lessons and private practice 
·         when to take a mock test  
·         how to manage your test day nerves – 1 in 10 of learners who fail their driving test say the main reason they failed was because they were too nervous. 

It also includes a checklist that has all the things that learners should do before taking their driving test.   

To help you communicate with your pupils and parents about the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign, we have produced a toolkit which includes information about the campaign and provides draft content and graphics to use on you own communication channels.   

Today we published a new blog post by Abigail Britten, Head of Recovery Communications, which tells you about the toolkit and how to use it.   

Read the blog post on Despatch.


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