DVSA needs volunteers

Volunteers needed! Research volunteers for the DVSA DSP Online Booking Service

Hello all,

DVSA are updating the system used to book and schedule practical driving tests, and we would be very keen to learn how you use the current booking system. We are looking for Business bookers (or ADI’s) who would be willing to participate in a research session in the next week (21st-25th November).

We want to understand your unique position and requirements as a business. Your opinion can greatly impact the current, and future service DVSA provides for professionals.

This session would be remote via MS Teams or Zoom and scheduled for 60 minutes, though could be less time on the day.

We are very flexible and can accommodate most times that suit best those interested in this opportunity. We are hoping to get as many responses as possible in the next week but will continue with research after this.

I appreciate the time scales are tight – your knowledge and insight will help us understand what’s useful about the current service, and what you need to make things better. Anyone who participates will not be personally identified in any findings.

Please get in touch with us Natalia.Slack@kainos.com or Kimberley.fu@kainos.com if you are interested or have any additional questions.

Thanks so much!


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