DVSA Update: Are you using the latest driver’s record?

The driver’s record lets you record the level your pupils have reached against 27 driving skills they need to be a safe and responsible driver.

There are 5 progress levels for each skill:

  1. Introduced. The subject is introduced and your pupil is able to follow the instructions they’re given.
  2. Helped. Your pupil is improving but still needs a bit of help.
  3. Prompted. Sometimes your pupil needs prompting, especially if it’s a new or unusual situation.
  4. Independent. Your pupil is dealing with this consistently, confidently and independently.

Reflection. In conversation, your pupil shows that they understand how things would have been different if they had done something differently. They can adapt to situations and see why perfecting the skill makes them safer and more fuel-efficient.

Latest updates

The DVSA updated the driver’s record on 7 February 2023. They:

  • updated the skill names to reflect the latest edition of ‘The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive’
  • added short descriptions of each of the skills to the forms so you can easily print them to share with your pupils
  • added a summary version of the record if you’d prefer to just record when your pupil consistently shows they’ve moved to the next progress level, rather than recording it lesson-by-lesson

added the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign logo and website address

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