DVSA Update: Change of car park at trial driving test site in DoncasterDVSA Update:

The trial at Doncaster driving test centre to create a modern, flexible and efficient driving test service started on 23 January.

As part of the trial, the DVSA are working closely with the approved driving instructors, candidates and colleagues who are using the alternative site. This allows them to make changes as the trial progresses.

Listening to feedback

One issue that has been highlighted was how busy the front car park gets during certain times of the week when tests were starting.

As a result, from 2 February, tests from the alternative driving test centre will start from the side car park.

The instructions to the new car park is to turn right from Shaw Wood Way towards the Legacy Centre and follow the road past the Centre towards the car park at the end of the road.

If candidates go to the wrong car park, they will be asked to move their car to the correct car park.

Contacting candidates

The DVSA will contact all candidates with a test that is due to be taken from the alternative test site in Doncaster. If you have booked a test for your candidate, which has been moved to the alternative site in Doncaster, please let them know. The DVSA will continue to monitor the trials at the alternative sites and will make changes if needed. They will keep you up to date with any future changes.


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