DVSA Update: Changes to some of the test information program parameters

DVSA has adjusted the parameters used to prioritise and better utilise ADI examiner resource when inviting approved driving instructors (ADI) for a standards check.

The parameters were introduced in 2021 as part of the new test information program (TIP) and they said they would keep the levels under review to make sure they were set at the right level.

DVSA have continued to analyse the data since the TIP was introduced and will be adjusting 2 of the 4 parameters, these are:

  • driving faults – changing from an average of 5 or more driving faults per test to 6 or more
  • serious faults – changing from an average of 0.5 or more serious faults per test to 0.55

They are making the changes as now your pupils are completing full tests, the average number of driving and serious test faults has increased. This has meant they’ve needed to change the parameters to better align with the national data in the TIP.

The levels for the pass rate and physical interventions by a driving examiner are staying the same. You can find out about the other two indicators on GOV.UK DVSA will continue to keep the parameters and the levels of the TIP under review.


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