DVSA update: Explaining what the driving test waiting time actually means

Following the recent announcement about more eligible managers and administrative staff doing driving tests full-time, there is a lot of interest in driving test waiting times.

DVSA are often asked by learner drivers, driving instructors and the media for the latest driving test waiting time.

They also know that people have a different understanding of what the waiting time means.

Which of these do you think it means?

  1. How many weeks away the next available test is.
  2. How many weeks it is until over half of the weekly tests are still available.
  3. How many weeks it is until 10% or more of the weekly tests are still available.

In their latest blog post, John Selbey, Operational Performance and Delivery Manager, answers that question for you. He also explains how it’s just part of a range of measures we look at. Find out what driving test waiting times actually mean.


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