DVSA update: Have you recorded all of your CPD for 2023?

With less than 2 weeks of the year left, now is a good time to make sure that your continuing professional development (CPD) records are up to date.

CPD is any development activity that has helped you:

  • learn something new
  • refresh your existing knowledge
  • improve your skills
  • keep up-to-date with the latest developments

You might have:

  • been to meetings, events or webinars
  • taken training courses – either online or in person
  • had help to improve your driver training skills from a registered trainer
  • watched videos, listened to podcasts or read blog posts, magazines and books
  • job-shadowed someone else

You can download a template to record any CPD you have done.

Have you got these on your list?

Some things you might have forgotten to record include:

As you’re reflecting on what you’ve done in 2023, think about topics you’d like to focus on in 2024. You might want to explore:

  • driving laws, rules and techniques
  • driving and vehicle technology
  • digital and technology skills
  • personal growth and wellbeing
  • finance and business management
  • disabilities, learning difficulties and neurodiversity
  • data protection
  • health and safety
  • safeguarding

When you’re considering what development to do, think about:

  • existing skills that you want to improve
  • new skills that will help you in your current role
  • new skills that will help you develop and specialise in particular areas you’re interested in

joining a local or national ADI association if you’re not already a member


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