DVSA Update: Restarting ORDIT – changes to the assessment process

In early 2023 DVSA will be increasing the number of assessments for existing members of the official register of driving instructor trainers (ORDIT) and applications for new members.

We limited ORDIT assessments after the pandemic to focus examiner resource on delivering ADI part 2 and 3 tests. We will be restarting them with increased capacity from early 2023.

If your registration has lapsed, you will need to apply for reassessment. You can do this by emailing a completed application to ORDIT@dvsa.gov.uk.

If you were applying when assessments were limited in 2020, we will contact you directly to confirm you still want to take the assessment.

Changes to ORDIT assessments

You will still need to achieve a Grade A on your most recent ADI standards check. In addition, DVSA will also review information available about your work. For example, how your pupils and trainees perform when taking tests.

We will also be introducing a compulsory pre-assessment engagement call, like the one you receive ahead of a standards check. It will cover areas like test information, continual professional development (CPD) and training records.

In the practical assessment, ORDIT applicants will no longer have the choice of offering feedback or advice from the back of the car. Instead, they will need to ‘role play’ being a pupil and simulate faults for their trainee to correct. We will be contacting all ORDIT members whose registration has lapsed since assessments were limited in 2020, about renewing their registrations.


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