DVSA Update: Sitting in and observing your pupils’ driving test

As part of the Ready to Pass? campaign, DVSA encouraging learners to ask their driving instructor to accompany them on the test. 

DVSA know from research that learners have different ideas about how much feedback and detail they’ll get at the end of their test. They are explaining to learners that:

  • their driving examiner will have a short amount of time to explain any mistakes they make – the examiner will only be able to explain the most important ones
  • their test result email will tell them how many faults they made and what they were about – but it will not give details such as where they were when they made them
  • they might find it hard to take in and the remember the feedback the examiner gives because they’re either excited to have passed or disappointment to have failed

For those reasons, DVSA encourage learners to ask you to sit in the back of the car during your driving test. 

Check the guidance about sitting in

DVSA encourage you to check the guidance about the best way to help your pupils if you’re going to be sitting in on their test.

This includes advice and rules about:

  • where you can sit in the vehicle on a driving test
  • what you can and cannot do once the test has started
  • advice on what to do at the end of the test

Read our guide about sitting in and observing tests on GOV.UK


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