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Welcome to my courses! I’m Julia Malkin, a driving instructor with a unique perspective. I became a driving instructor in 2006. I began to specialise in special needs training after I was diagnosed with autism in 2008. I was already diagnosed with ADHD. I noticed, as an ADI, how many pupils with ADHD or autism were coming to me from other instructors, or were having problems passing the driving test. I wanted to help both the pupils and the instructors at the same time.

In 2010, I was featured on BBC3’s ‘Autistic Driving School,’ some of which you can see on YouTube. I designed a course called ‘Revolutions’ – a course to train instructors how to teach special needs people using live in-car demonstrations. This course is still going today.

I received an MBE from HM the late Queen in 2011 for services to those with special needs. The ‘Revolutions’ course I designed received the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2012.

At university I completed 4 degrees including a PhD in autism issues in 2015. I have since taken many courses and certificates related to special needs, youth studies, coaching and counselling.

My Courses

The courses I am showing you today are 6 hours in length. Training is delivered online, one-to-one, based on the original ‘Revolutions’ course, but delivered on live video, over Messenger or WhatsApp. All hours are flexible according to your schedule – many people train one hour a week for 6 weeks, to allow time to practice new techniques and skills.

The first one I designed was ADHD, Learning and Driving. I have come across many instructors having pupils with this condition – from 6 to 12 percent of children are being diagnosed with ADHD. This course will give you illustrations, ideas and techniques so you can teach these pupils using a fully client-centred approach.

Driving instructors know that nerves are one of the main causes of test fails, but there are many types of anxiety including phobias, trauma and panic, so I designed the course Nerves and Anxiety in your Car. Both everyday people and neurodiverse people – such as those on the autistic spectrum – can have different types of anxiety, and this course is designed so all pupils can enjoy their lessons and get the best from their training.

On all courses I run, every ADI and PDI can ask me for advice in their current lessons. Feel free to ask me about how you can help any of your current pupils while your course is running.

Other courses I provide are –

  • Autism, Learning and Driving – all levels of the autistic spectrum
  • Dyslexia and other Differences – dyscalculia, dyspraxia and more
  • Impostor Syndrome and the Driving Test – up to 57% of people have this condition at any one time, causing many problems on-test
  • Depression, Personality Disorders and Driving – depression and personality disorders
  • Introduction to Neurodiversity – learn about many neurodiverse conditions in one course at an introductory level, such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Tourette’s, and more
  • ADI Part 3 – The Last Resort – for PDIs, providing help and advice for their attempts at their ADI Part 3 tests – I have 18 years of experience in instructor training, including success in training PDIs who are on the autistic spectrum or have ADHD

New courses are always being designed according to requirements – please contact me for course updates.

As the writer of these courses I have a unique position – to be a special needs person, and a driving instructor, and also to be qualified at university level in the issues and differences that special needs people and people with mental health problems, have. We need supportive driving instructors. These courses are written for driving instructors like you, so you can support people like me!

Prices and Payments

Prices are £180 for 6 hours – you have the option to pay in full, or a deposit of £60 which will secure your place.

If paying a deposit, a date for your first session of training will be booked in, and the balance is due 5 working days before your course start date.

Pay in full now

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Contact Details

Facebook Page – Excel with Dr Julia Malkin MBE

Phone, Text and WhatsApp – 07761 064694

Email – julia.mbe2011@gmail.com


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