Give us your views: increasing DVSA fees

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the latest update from the DVSA:

Give us your views: increasing DVSA fees

We’re launching a consultation today (5 August) to get your views on increasing the cost of DVSA services.

So that we can continue to develop and invest in the services we provide, whilst still covering our costs, we are proposing to increase all our fees by a small amount (1.5%). Most of our fees haven’t increased since 2010, and we’ve worked hard to make savings through efficiency measures in the last few years.

How we’re improving the service we provide

Over the last few years we’ve worked on several improvements to our services, to make sure they better meet the needs our customers.

We updated the theory test hazard perception clips to make them more realistic to real life driving, we brought in iPad’s to mark driving tests and help candidates to get their licence back quicker.

We’ve continued to develop and improve the MOT service including the reminder service which almost 3.4 million people have signed up to so far.

We’ve also developed how we target non-compliant vehicle operators so that we reduce the burden on those who are compliant.

The small increase will allow us to continue to make essential improvements to our services. In the next year we’ll be focusing on improving the driving test booking service, the way the theory test service is delivered, how we carry out heavy vehicle enforcement and the MOT testing service.

Examples of fee increase proposals

Type of testCurrent feeProposed fee for 2021 to 2022
Theory test (car and motorcycle)£23£23.40
Car driving test (normal hours)£62£62.90
Slot typeCurrent feeProposed fee for 2021 to 2022
MOT slot fee£2.05£2.08
Test typeCurrent feeProposed fee for 2021 to 2022
HGV – 2 axles£91£92.40
HGV – 3 axles£113£114.70

Find out more about the consultation

The consultation opens today and will run for 4 weeks until 11:59 PM on 2 September.

Find out more about the measures and give your views.

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Peter Harvey
National Chair


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