June Newslink Update

Have you downloaded this month’s issue of Newslink?

An MSA GB member exclusive, Newslink keeps you fully informed on all the industry news, training opportunities, and occasional road tests on relevant cars. With regular contributors including the MSA GB Board and the DVSA, Newslink doesn’t just cover national stories, it also has its finger on the pulse of local and area issues.

This month’s top stories include:

  • Waiting times woes… continue. Despite its best efforts, the DVSA has told NASP that long waiting times for L-tests would continue –and it blamed examiner strikes for undoing its work.
  • Drop the D: AI taking on ADIs. Could AI enter the world of ADIs and teach learners better than driving instructors? We put the theory to the test, with an experienced ADI taking on AI.
  • A new index of ADI groups and associations has been added to Newslink – so it’s time to let us know about your group.
  • Pay per mile coming? A new report has said the UK should charge motorists on a per-mile basis in a major overhaul of the UK’s motoring tax system.
  • We’ve got some great practical advice from Steve Garrod in the latest issue of Newslink on how to help your learners respond in the best possible way when they’re faced with the arrival of the ‘blues n twos’.
  • Who’s responsible? Why a major change in the way the law looks at road traffic collisions could send shockwaves through the motoring world.

Keep an eye out in our next issue for details of our upcoming East Coast events starting on the 9th October. MSA GB East Coast has secured discounted standards check training sessions with the award-winning Knowledgeable Instructor Training.

As well as viewing it online, Newslink can also be easily downloaded so you can read it at your leisure.

Not sure how? Just follow these easy steps.

  1. Login to your MSA GB Account at www.msagb.com
  2. On the front page, click on News and select Newslink in the drop-down column.
  3. Click on the red download button of the issue you wish to read.
  4. This will take you to the Yumpu.com online version of the magazine.
  5. To download, look to the right of the screen where you will see three icons.
  6. The middle icon is the one you need to download, which is an underlined downward arrow.

Once clicked, the usual download process will start, which you should see at the bottom of your screen. Then depending on your device settings, once downloaded, Newslink will either automatically open, or you will need to head to your Downloads to retrieve your issue.

See a pale blue box when perusing the latest issue of Newslink? These sections are all interactive and when you click on them, provide extra information on the topic referenced in the column you’re reading.


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