MSA GB & Fuel Card Services



Fuel Card Services can provide huge benefits to businesses that use vehicles on a daily basis:

  • Cutting fuel costs – save up to 10p per litre and get a consistent price
  • Increased security – fuel cards are a safer alternative to carrying cash and eliminate fraud
  • Streamline admin – HMRC compliant invoices, no receipts, one neat invoice and a dedicated account manager
  • Tighter control of business expenses – view transactions and reports online 24/7
  • Increased flexibility for refuelling across a huge network
  • Fleet convenience – a quick and convenient way for fleets to refuel

There are a range of fuel cards available on the market and for your business to truly benefit from investing in fuel cards, you need to choose the right one for your businesses requirements.

Fuel Card Services offers a large choice of networks from leading brands, such as BP, Shell, Esso and UK Fuels so you can decide which networks you wish to include on your business account.

Fuel Card Services and MSA GB are helping to deliver cost savings to members throughout the country.

As an MSA GB member you can start saving now by contacting our partnership lead Ryan Grant
Telephone: 01227 284342
or by visiting



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