MSA GB Vice Chair Peter Harvey MBE presents at TyreSafe Briefing 2024

Peter Harvey wrapped up the day at the recent TyreSafe Briefing 2024 with an engaging presentation, updating attendees on how the Driving Instructing Profession is helping learner drivers understand the importance of good tyre safety for their future as qualified drivers. He shared the evolution of MSA GB from its origins to its transformation into a trade association and covered key topics such as:

  • PI & PL insurance for members
  • Some successes
    • Plastic driving licences
    • Learners on motorways with ADIs (Approved Driving Instructor)
    • Instructor display on windscreens
    • Graduated driving licences
  • Update on instructor levels across GB
  • Update on driving test waiting times
  • Working together to help learner drivers understand some of the important checks required on their vehicles (Show Me – Tell Me questions on tests).

Peter then interacted with the audience, addressing questions and discussing the challenges instructors face when peers undervalue the extra work done with pupils, despite efforts to reduce the alarming statistic that newly qualified drivers are involved in about one-fifth of all road deaths.

The audience engaged enthusiastically, and Peter concluded by announcing that MSA GB, in partnership with TyreSafe, is launching a joint venture to inform driving instructors about fantastic resources available to enhance tyre safety knowledge for both themselves and their pupils.

Later, Peter remarked that this was his first TyreSafe event and he found it to be a very informative day with a great variety of speakers.

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In our latest blog, MSA GB Vice Chair Peter Harvey MBE, shares his presentation at the recent TyreSafe Briefing 2024, including the exciting news that TyreSafe and MSA GB will be collaborating on a new set of tyre safety resources specifically for driving instructors.


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