DVSA Update: Launching a trailer towing survey with new drivers

As part of DVSA’s ongoing work to promote safe towing and the accredited trailer training scheme, they are carrying out research to find out more about motorists’ behaviour and attitudes towards towing.

This research will help inform their communications campaign in the future and ensure that their messages have the right impact on motorists who tow.

The first survey will be for candidates who have just passed their test.

What the DVSA are looking to find out

People taking part will be asked about their:

  • confidence and ability in towing
  • knowledge of towing safely
  • awareness of the accredited trailer training scheme

They would be grateful if you could encourage your candidates to take part in the survey.

It should take between 5-10 minutes to complete and the insights they gain will play an important part in helping DVSA and the training industry to support drivers who want to tow.

Candidates will be asked to take part in the research after they have completed the driving test customer satisfaction survey. The trailer towing survey does not affect the driving test customer satisfaction survey. Thank you for your help and support.


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