DVSA Update: New guidance for learners on top 10 reasons for failing a driving test

Today the DVSA published guidance on the top 10 reasons for failing the car driving test in Great Britain. 

You can use the examples in the guidance with your pupils to help identify any areas they still need to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.

You can find the guidance here.

Webinar on the top 10 faults

DVSA recently hosted a webinar focusing on the top 10 faults that are recorded on driving tests. Many of the commonly recorded faults in driving tests are top contributory factors in reported collisions – that’s why we assess them as part of the test.

Understanding these reasons can help you assess if your pupils have the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to be safe when they’ve passed their test. And perhaps most importantly, they give you a great way of exploring factors with your pupils that will increase risk in different scenarios. Digging into your pupils’

understanding of risk can give you a much better sense of their thoughts, feelings and beliefs.For more detail on this, read the latest blog post and watch the video of the webinar.


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