DVSA Update: New OBS terms and conditions published on GOV.UK

New OBS terms and conditions published on GOV.UK
On 9 January, we will be making changes to terms and conditions for using our Online Business Service (OBS).

Our updated terms and conditions will require users of the service to:

– agree to appropriate use of the service and not using it to sell tests on for a profit
– confirm that they meet our eligibility criteria for the service
– make it clear to pupils if they charge (or have plans to charge) any additional administrative fees when booking tests for pupils
– agree not to use candidate details for reserving tests without their permission

We have published the terms and conditions on GOV.UK to give you time to prepare for the changes.

Why we made these updates

The updated terms and conditions make it clear what is appropriate behaviour for those using the OBS service.

These changes will mean that legitimate businesses not linked to an ADI will also be able to access and use the system.

When the updates will go live

The new terms and conditions will come into effect at 2pm on 9 January. We want to give you time to make any adjustments to your business that may be impacted by the changes.


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