DVSA Update: New THINK! Campaign

THINK! – Travel Like You Know Them Campaign
Following a review of The Highway Code in 2020, changes were made in January 2022 to help improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians, and horse-riders.  

To raise awareness of these changes, THINK! launched the ‘Travel Like You Know Them’ campaign. 

Travel Like You Know Them

The campaign, which was launched in July 2022, speaks to everyone who uses the road, with a focus on those who have a greater responsibility to reduce the risk that they may pose to others. 

 By offering an insight into the lives of everyday road users, the campaign aims to help people better understand each other and see more than just vehicles on the road. 

The campaign is being re-launched on Thursday 3 August 2023, so look out for any messages on their social media pages. 


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