Know Your Traffic Signs updated on GOV.UK

The sixth edition of Know Your Traffic Signs, published earlier in 2023, is now available to download free of charge on GOV.UK.

Know Your Traffic Signs illustrates and explains the most common traffic signs that road users are likely to encounter. It’s an accompaniment to The Highway Code.

What’s new in the latest edition

The 2023 edition contains new guidance and images on:

  • clean air zones
  • ultra low emission zone and low emission zones in London
  • tunnel restriction codes
  • parking places for electric taxis
  • bus gates
  • share space
  • parallel crossings

It also has updated guidance and signs for:

  • road charging
  • rising bollards
  • bus lanes
  • on-street parking places
  • pedestrian and cycle zones
  • motorway signals
  • variable signs
  • motorway service areas
  • diversion routes
  • UTCs (urgent treatment centres)
  • traffic signals for cyclists
  • road works and temporary situations
  • bridge height warning signs

There’s also new guidance specific for Scotland and for Wales.

Buy copies of the book

As well as accessing the PDF free of charge on GOV.UK, you can also buy the Know Your Traffic Signs book from the Safe Driving for Life shop.

Use code FO35 to get 35% off until 31 December 2023, meaning the book costs £3.24 plus shipping. At all other times, you can use code ADI1 to get 25% off anything you buy from the Safe Driving for Life shop.


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