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Make the Right Choice for Your Driving School with Road Angel Dashcam Black Friday/Cyber Week Sale!

Celebrate Black Friday/Cyber Week 2023 with Road Angel – The Apex of Dashcam Technology!

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Discover the pinnacle of innovation in road safety and driver assistance with Road Angel’s award-winning dashcams. Elevate your driving experience with cutting-edge features that set Road Angel Dash Cams apart as the ultimate choice for informed and safety-conscious drivers.

Embrace the Future of Road Safety

Equip your vehicle with the latest technology for a safer and more secure driving experience. Celebrate the innovation and excellence that Road Angel brings to the world of dashcams.

Driving Test Compliant

opt for the best in dashcam technology that aligns with driving test standards.

Optional Audio Recording

Choose the flexibility of audio recording based on your preferences.

Easy to Fit

Enjoy a hassle-free installation process for immediate use.

24/7 Always-On Dashcam Parking Mode

Never miss a moment with continuous monitoring and recording, even when parked.

Dual Parking Mode

Enjoy added security with comprehensive coverage from all angles.

Variable Sensitivity G-Sensor

Precise event detection and critical footage capture during impacts or collisions.

High-Resolution Recording

Experience stunning visual quality with Full HD, 2K+, and 4K recording options.

140° Loop Recording

Comprehensive coverage ensures no crucial details are left out.

No Screen! No Distraction!

Stay focused on the road with a screen-less design that eliminates distractions.

Winter Mode

Optimal functionality in cold and snowy conditions.

HD Night Vision

Clear footage during low-light or nighttime driving.

Auto Image Stabilization

Enjoy smooth and stable video recordings.

ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Lane departure warnings and forward collision alerts enhance driving safety.

Built-In GPS & Telematics

Keep track of routes, speed, and location for valuable journey data

Battery Voltage Monitoring

Ensure dashcam and vehicle battery health.

Halo App – Edit & Share

Effortlessly edit and share recorded footage with the user-friendly Halo App.

3-Year UK Warranty* & Dedicated Support Team

Road Angel stands behind product quality with a 3-year UK warranty and a dedicated support team.

Automotive High-Endurance SD Cards

Optimize performance with Road Angel’s high-endurance SD cards designed for continuous recording.

Nationwide Installation

Convenient installation services available nationwide. Make the informed choice for your driving school – invest in Road Angel Dashcams this Black Friday/Cyber Week!


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