NASP Update 06/10/21 regarding the DVSA information on the Standards Check

This is the latest update from NASP regarding the DVSA information on the Standards Check

NASP are pleased to see further communications from DVSA on the prioritisation of Standards Check and urge all trainers to look at the materials sent by the agency (link below) and familiarise themselves with the changes.

However, NASP has not changed its position on this new approach. We would still strongly recommend that DVSA delays the implementation of this new scheme for the reasons we have previously stated. 

The industry needs more time to prepare for such a crucial change, particularly given the sector is still struggling to recover from the impact of the pandemic. Allowing a longer timescale for implementation will benefit everyone involved, including the regulator itself. 

We continue to urge DVSA to consider this as a pilot scheme for 6 months, rather than establish it now as a ‘done deal’. After this trial period, performance data on the scheme could be shared, it’s impact better understood and a proper consultation with the industry could take place”.

Lynne Barrie on behalf of NASP ADI standards checks: your data and parameter questions answered – Despatch for driver and rider trainers (


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