NASP Update: Minister responds to NASP B+ E concerns

Dear Colleages,

Baroness Vere has responded to correspondence sent by NASP outlining concerns over the decision to terminate statutory B+E testing. You can read the full response here.

Whilst the letter confirms the government is progressing with the process of removing the need for a statutory test, there is some hope for B+E trainers as NASP has been in discussion with DVSA, Department for Transport and wider stakeholders about the development of a new accredited training and assessment  scheme delivered by the industry.

NASP, working in partnership with the National Towing and Trailer Association, has been asked to submit a plan for such a scheme which government will consider. More news on that development soon.

Lynne Barrie current NASP Chair

NASP comprises the ADINJC, DIA and MSA GB


Peter J Harvey MBE

National Chairman


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