NASP Update 12/8/2021: Prioritising standards check questions

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the latest NASP update here:

NASP Update 12/8/2021

The announcement from DVSA today concerning the prioritization of standards checks has triggered an influx of questions to NASP, which comprises ADINJC, DIA and MSA GB.

Below are just some of the frequently asked questions we have received so far.  We welcome further questions and feedback so please continue to send them to us. We have sent this list of questions to the DVSA and await their responses, which we will publish as soon as we receive.

Questions on the prioritisation of standards checks.

  • When do these changes take effect from?
  • What data is being used, and where is the data derived from, to judge whether I should be prioritised for a standards check?
  • Can the data used be trusted?
  • How will a risk rating/score be affected by different test centre results for the same ADI?
  • How will you consider trainers who specialise in specific education needs pupils? Their pupils may not perform as well on test, and sometimes these trainers do less tests – will that affect the trainers risk rating?
  • If an ADI works predominantly in Fleet/Older Driver/other categories of licence and vehicle (and has less tests attributed to them), but still needs an ADI badge, how will their score be worked out?
  • If an ADI doesn’t do many tests, how will it affect them?
  • Will rider trainers standards checks be done on this same basis?
  • What if the ADI doesn’t put their badge in the window?
  • What if I am judged to be a high performing ADI (and therefore not needing to be seen as regularly)? I would like a regular standards check as it gives me great feedback (and I consider this is what am due as part of my fee). What feedback on performance will I expect in future instead?  Will I be able to choose to book checks on demand instead?
  • Aren’t there many factors that cause a candidate to fail a test? It seems unfair to totally attach the candidate’s performance to ours as an ADI we are only a part of what happens on test?
  • What exactly is an engagement call? Do we have to do one and will we be penalised if we don’t?
  • What does build back better mean?
  • Does this email apply to all nations?

NASP have also asked DVSA to consider a delay to the introduction of such measures until we are back to normal, with a normal test criteria. When Covid measures have been relaxed, and instructors are allowed to sit in the back of their tests to monitor them for themselves, we consider this initiative would be more successful. ADIs could then see for themselves how the markings are achieved, and consequently it could bring more credibility to the initiative. This would also leave more time for trainers to be properly communicated to and given better guidance to prepare for the change.

Lynne Barrie current chair on behalf of NASP

Yours sincerely


Peter Harvey MBE
National Chair


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