Sending theory test results digitally

From 28 November, car, instructor and examiner theory test candidates will start to receive their theory test results digitally by email.

The digital results are not a test pass certificate and cannot be used to evidence a theory test pass.

Digital results will start to be issued for motorcycle and vocational theory test as well in early 2023.

This is part of work DVSA is doing to consider how it can make the theory test paperless.

Candidates will still get a paper certificate

Candidates will continue to be given a paper test pass certificate, or statement of failure, at the end of their test while a digital solution is being explored.

It is currently a legal requirement to issue candidates with a paper test pass certificate or statement of failure after their test.

In January 2022 a consultation on improving availability and processes for driving tests asked about replacing paper pass certificates for theory and practical tests. The outcome of this consultation has not yet been published.

This change is independent to the consultation as it deals with the digitising the exam results, not the pass certificate.


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